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Physical Therapy Philosophy

Our goal is to help patients achieve their optimal functional level.

Your physical therapist's evaluation identifies the causes of your problems. The examination includes soft tissue, postural and movement assessment, range of motion, strength testing, and analysis of functional activities and gait. Our examination of posture and movement (via the Sahrmann approach) is the foundation of a comprehensive program to restore normal motion.

Exam & Treatment

  • A complete musculoskeletal movement assessment is performed during your first visit. We determine the Physical Therapy diagnosis then initiate the appropriate plan of care.


  • Treatments include postural/movement re-education and therapeutic stretching/strengthening for improved body mechanics. We also integrate manual physical therapy techniques (myofascial/trigger point release, PRRT, Total Motion Release, Postural Restoration Institute techniques and soft tissue/joint mobilization). Treatment may include the FDA approved low level cold laser for pain relief and tissue healing.


  • Therapeutic exercises are the primary focus of our treatment philosophy. We strongly encourage that each patient actively participates on their path to recovery.

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