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After a cortisone shot did not work for my Morton's Neuroma, the orthodics stopped giving me relief and my feet felt like they were on fire most of the time, I was ready to consider surgery.  As the surgery did not promise relief, I went on line and read about someone who went to a physical therapist with good results.  A friend of mine gave me Carl's name.  By the end of the first session I could walk across the room without pain.  Over a series of one-on-one sessions, Carl taught me exercises and recommended off-the-shelf shoes that need no orthodics.  The excercises have been part of my daily routine for over 2 years and I continue to be pain free, able to walk for hours, albeit, in rather unattractive shoes.  Carl asks good questions, listens attentively to the answers and knows what to do to help.  I am very grateful to my friend for recommending him and heartily recommend him to anyone reading this.


Being a competitive athlete had taken a toll on my body this season and I was experiencing ongoing setbacks in my performance due to injuries. I was able to recover eventually from each one, but I didn't understand why I was so prone to injury. I came to see Carl, and he knew right away during the evaluation where all of these problems were coming from. In a very short period of time he was able to correct my movement and posture during my every day activities and while playing my sport. I saw immediate results and the lingering pain from the season disappeared within days. I look forward to the next season now knowing that he has given me the tools that can help me prevent injury and stay healthy!


Carl was recommended to me by a colleague of mine when she saw that I had a noticeable limp and was in obvious discomfort. I must admit it was getting me down as I could not function well in my normal day-to-day activities. We are in the medical profession and I already had x-rays which showed I had severe degenerative disease in my hip but I wasn't exactly eager to have surgery. Last but not least I had a European vacation planned and knew I would not have an enjoyable time if I wasn't able to sightsee and go everywhere if I was restricted in any way.

Well, Carl worked with me for two months prior to my trip giving me focused and individualized exercises and therapy. It was so unbelievable that I returned to practically normal function. I was able to keep up with everything during my trip and it was a trip of a lifetime!

Carl is very professional, devoted and compassionate with his patients. In the first two weeks I felt a noticeable difference. I am very thankful that I found Carl and extremely thankful to my colleague who recommended him to me.

Today I can say that I am not in pain with my everyday activities. I can run up and down stairs and I am truly so grateful. I would 1000% recommend Carl.

-Denise S., R.N.

Very professional, knowledgeable and caring team who helped me tremendously with the torn ligament in my foot. Allowed me to walk free of pain and avoid surgery. Thank you for a great experience.

- Mary P

Dear Dan,

How fortunate I was to be assigned to you at Mangione Physical Therapy. I had no idea what to expect when you were assigned to work with me after my fall. My hip and right leg seemed to forget what their duties were until you arrived on the scene and set them straight.

Very quickly you instituted a program one on one just for my rehab. We worked at it at first three times a week and then twice a week for several months. Every exercise had a goal and every piece of your advice was genuine and absolutely true. I was delighted to see progress and did not hesitate to tell my family, friends, and my doctors.

Of course I challenged you along the way with many, many questions and some suggestions of my own, but you were a true "professional" and had a good answer for everything and alternative suggestions for exercises to help me succeed. Your knowledge, patience and encouragement were definitely hallmarks in my recovery. What a blessing it was to meet you and work with you!

Many thanks too for the kind and caring staff at Mangione. The one on one care provided for each client at Mangione Physical Therapy is the benchmark for their success.

- Jeanette B

Great service from everyone involved. Able to play golf again!

- J.M. Yeager

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